Gears of war Judegment!!!!

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Even though it is 4/29/2013 I want to post this blog about a special game called Gears of war judgment.This game was released on March 19 2013 and was a very popular game to come out on that month! I wasnt sure about how this games Multiplayer was going to turn out because of gears of war 3’s style of multiplayer.After I got the game I was so into it that I didnt want to stop to go to soccer.You Guys SHOULD get this game because you will get sucked into it and will come out of the campain with shock! That is it if you guys have any suggestions about what t post on our blog or our you tube just tell us.You can look us up on you tube at Mikeandamir or find ME Amir on youtube at Amir Moore!


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If you have an  Xbox and you just bought it from Game stop and the clerk asks you “Do you want to try out Xbox live?”And you don’t know what the heck that is,well you can search no further.Xbox Live is a way to connect to the internet and play multiplayer with other players.Instead of playing Single player (Playing alone)you can just have more fun by testing your skill against other skilled players.When you buy a game it tells you if it is playable online. Xbox live lets you have more props for your avatar and allows you to have friends to play with.

HALO 4 IS HERE! Yeah buddy!

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Finally Halo 4 here and its a heck of a lot better than Halo Reach,Halo3,Halo whatever but the point is that Halo 4 is now here. I’ve Pre- Ordered it at Game stop and got some cool stuff.Of course I got the very very very cool HAZOP Forest skin for my Spartan. Also i got a HAVEN ( Halo 4 map ) Theme. These downloads need space on your hard drive. server hosting info . So if you don’t have space might as well want to delete some Crap you have on it or the Memory unit. Just in case if you don’t know the hard dive cost 60 dollars and it can only be found at Game stop. Now with out any problems let me just tell you if you dont want me to spoil the story don’t read this part! cough* Cortana dies *cough Well as gamers my brother Bryndan and I have beat the game. Soo if you guys like Halo get Halo 4 its a surprise! Dont forget to send me a friend request on XBOX LIVE. My name is Amir8000. Also check out my FaceBook I need more Likes!

Interview with Actor Idris Elba.

Interview with Actor Idris Elba. “What Video Games do You Like to Play?”

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MikeandAmir: Recently you did a video game voice-over for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, it’s a huge game and you played the character “Truck.” How was that experience?

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Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Is Awesome!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Is Awesome!

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I think that you should get HALO 1. I think that because my brother and I have played it and we think it is better than Halo Reach.

We have not finished the game yet, but our favorite part of the game is firefight so far. We like firefight so far because it comes with brand new missions if you pre-order it, and you get a skull that comes with Master Chief avatar armor!

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