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What rock song is my Fave?!?!?!

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What rock song is my favorite is Meg and Dia Monster the real version or the Dub step version! Here are the links:http://youtu.be/BlEiNmVX82Y
and http://youtu.be/I9687ZKbZJA Enjoy and I hope you like them as much as I do!!!!!!

Whats Been Going On

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Hey guys this is Amir to tell you whats been going on.Lately there has been a lot of work going on and more homework and “Parent Work” so that is MOST LIKELY why you haven’t been seeing my videos.Also im getting a little bit more study halls.So now im studying for Test and Quizes! That is all that has been going on! On our website we are updating it and starting to do more EXPREIMENT!!! And sim super excited for that :l

Gears of war Judegment!!!!

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Even though it is 4/29/2013 I want to post this blog about a special game called Gears of war judgment.This game was released on March 19 2013 and was a very popular game to come out on that month! I wasnt sure about how this games Multiplayer was going to turn out because of gears of war 3’s style of multiplayer.After I got the game I was so into it that I didnt want to stop to go to soccer.You Guys SHOULD get this game because you will get sucked into it and will come out of the campain with shock! That is it if you guys have any suggestions about what t post on our blog or our you tube just tell us.You can look us up on you tube at Mikeandamir or find ME Amir on youtube at Amir Moore!

Borderlands 2 MOXXIS slot michine prizes

November 15, 2012  |  amirs blog

Marcus 3= purple weapon

Legs 3= blue weapon

Cherries 3= green weapon

Pandora sign= golden weapon

anything with bandit hat at the end= money

sevens 3= skin

physco 3= bomb